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Scale Scout Membership

Scale Scout Membership

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Now accepting sign ups for Placer County

Scale Scout Membership Benefits & Fee's

Seasonal membership fee:

 $50 per member per year.
Family discount:
$30 per additional member

Membership Benefits:

    1. Free Custom Scale Scout uniform, Badge and Field Journal.

(snake hooks, bags and other tools available at a discounted cost.)


2. 4 months of lessons May - August.

With a total of 8 outdoor lessons/Scouting trips. Reference/Study materials will be provided during each lesson. Scouting trips will be planned in advance and will take place in and around the Foresthill/Auburn, ca area. Parents are welcome to accompany their children or meet the group at the location. There is a small transportation fee (TBD) if the member chooses to ride with the group.

- Captive care education lessons will also be a small part of the course outline.

 3. Four months of Scale Up membership per season, offering enhanced benefits such as discounts on reptile feeders and supplies, providing additional savings for members who currently keep Reptiles.

4. The eight classes or Scouting trips  included in the membership, provide diverse learning experiences and outdoor adventures with Reptiles & Amphibians!

5. Exclusive and discounted access to future events, Happy Hatch Day Parties, Cold Blooded Carnivals workshops, and special activities, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among members.

6. Opportunities to develop leadership skills, outdoor survival skills, and a deeper understanding of reptiles and their ecosystems.

7. Engaging in meaningful research, contributing to conservation efforts and making a positive impact on the environment.

8. Building lasting friendships and memories while exploring the wonders of nature with like-minded peers.

Legal disclosure:

Even though we are protected from any liability because of the "Assumption of risk" doctrine, and Due to the unpredictability of nature and wild animals, a Liability waiver must be signed by a guardian or adult prior to membership activation. For emergencies we will have a first aid certified nurse or staff member on location. Simple first aid techniques will be part of the curriculum we are not liable for any injuries that may occur on our field trips. 

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